Friday, January 13, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 5

Today not a lot going on really initially.  Had a cruisy morning - savouring these while I can before I'm rushed off my feet at work in a couple of weeks, especially with my new job as Dean.

Caught up with my little bro this afternoon and later on his girlfriend as well.  Lovely time and good to see the changes to the place since Colleen moved in a couple of months ago.  Very trendy (well since they are both form of designers) but homely too.  Finally got a bit of exercise in with going for a walk with Castro and Scott and then playing a form of frisbee with doggy in the middle.  Unfortunately it ended with Scott going into the bushes to find the frisbee (I had thrown...) and came up covered in thorns in his arms from the bush.  All good though - he's tough.

Scott and Colleen - awwww cute!

Went out for dinner - always a little concerning for me hoping that there will be something that I can eat - but we went Turkish and I got a mixed (Chicken and Lamb) Iskender.  Had a little garlic yoghurt and hummus with it to prevent any band sticking but very little of it, and avoided the rice.  Even came with a little green salad, and had water.  I felt proud of this choice.

Also went out for coffee.  The two lovebirds got dessert while I tried another brand of long black - this time made by Allpress - not too bad but strong - needed a little water to soften it somewhat.  Also tried Jed's at my bro's place and that was great!  This long black business is getting better all the time.  May not go back to having milk in my coffee at all and don't miss the sugar either!

Something that is nice down here - all the compliments.  Everyone I have caught up with so far has said Im looking good.  I must have changed a bit since I was last down in September - I will have to compare pics.

One thing I need to remember though - don't drink coffee too late - I don't sleep!

Breakfast:  Banana

Lunch:  Subway Club Salad - with lime and coriander dressing - Ma and Pa got it for me and I assumed wrongly that the dressing would be a vinegarette - it wasnt.  So scraped what I could off.  I do find though doesn't matter what subway salad you get, they all taste the same.

Dinner:  Turkish (as outlined above)

A couple of coffees, some walnuts, and a couple of plums and cherries and a piece of fresh pineapple - need to cut down the fruit a bit I think - not going to help with the weight loss!

Exercise:  40 minute dog walk and frisbee.

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