Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 16

I never sleep well before the first day going back to work - even if I go to bed early, my mind still races with all that I need to do, what is going to happen during the day etc.  I usually get up on the first morning shattered, wondering if I had even had a holiday - today was no exception. 

The work day was not too strenuous, it was a couple of hours in my new role as a Dean working with my co-dean and Head of house and the house leaders to plan the first part of the year.  Mainly it involved - getting to know each other, planning the first days for students, the first assembly, the leaders role, and Athletics day.  It was pretty productive, I must say and I left the meeting all excited and motivated :)

I have a new desk in the Deans office - thats exciting!  Once I get my own key I can move in and make that area my own (plus it is another place I can put my stuff...he he he).  There was a bit of organising, then looking at students results, and signing kids into courses, or on the other hand - taking them out as they didn't meet the entry requirements.  It got done, and I got to go home - pretty shattered.  This working business sure takes it out of you when you have just had a pretty decent holiday!

Anyway onto the food:
Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, with ham and mushrooms
               - Coffee

Lunch - Homemade salad with lite chilli tuna (from a can, but looked reasonably ok to be able to eat on this plan)

Dinner - Salad with homemade meatballs - with the meatballs been made of lots of vege with mince- very tasty.

Snacks - Almonds, and sunflower seeds.

Drinks - A lot of water, and herbal tea.

Exercise was an hour long walk along the river bank on a beautiful Summers night with no wind :)  Both Anthony and I loved it, and the dogs well their enjoyment goes without saying really.


  1. Great walking paths! Sounds like the first day back was a success. :)