Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whole9 Challenge - Day 2

Today - felt a lot better.  Had a lot of sleep yesterday so what ever was wrong with me - sleep pretty much cured it!

Started the day with my first coffee without sweetner or milk.  It was okay.  I could get used to it. Takes a lot longer to drink but at the moment it's okay.

Breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms, capsicum, and onion.

Lunch - Thai beef salad from Cafiend in Petone with my first long black and water.  Had the dressing on side so had a taste but that was it.  Avoided the crispy noodles putting them to the side too.  Salad was delicious!  Long black is far better at a cafe than instant!

Had another long black at Go Bang Cafe in Petone - a lot stronger than Cafiend but they gave us hot water with it as well.  Cafiend gets my top vote though.

Dinner - after a workout at the gym, had garlic steak and salad - yum!  Had a few strawberries after - love Summer fruit.

Exercise - Beach walk with the dogs, then crossfit - today it was Press 3 x 5, and then a 10 min 1/2 Cindy amrap - 5 body rows, 10 push ups, and 15 squats - managed 7 + 13.  A hot session - a lot of sweat!

Off to Dunedin tomorrow.


  1. That's a delicious day's food. Keep it up! I vouch that you barely touched the dressing for the salad.

  2. Hi! :)

    I just found your blog. Keep on keepin' on.