Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 17

First full day at work with the senior students for course approval.  I'm learning that I will need to be well planned to not fall off the wagon at school.  A good day, quite full on, but good to see the students again :)


Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, capsicum, etc


Salad with leftover meatballs from last night

Could not take any of the free lunch - biscuits, fruit and breadroll.  Glad I had my salad.  Kept me honest :)  A warm day, also a lot of water


Some grilled steak and salad (yum)

Managed to get to Crossfit.  Another decent workout.  Worked on Front Squat and got a PR in the 3x5 of 50kilos.  Pretty happy with that :)

Workout was: 
Front Squat or Clean 3 x 5

10-1 Hand Stand Push Up (I did press ups, just not at that stage just yet!)
1-10 Pull Up (I did body rows)

Also went to see Sherlock Holmes too - loved it - just as good as the first one!

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  1. I loved Sherlock Holmes 2! Sounds like you're doing great on your challenge. :)