Saturday, January 28, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 19

Ahhh Saturday - not just any normal Saturday, but today marks a year since I had Lap Band surgery!  And what a year it has been!

At this point since the beginning of my journey in late 2010 - I have now lost 46.5 kilos (101.9lbs) - I've lost over 100lbs!!! My weight is at 124.4 kilos (273.7lbs) - still a way to go but at least it is in the right direction.

My clothes size is down to 18-20 on the bottom and 2XL (20-22ish) on the top.  At the beginning I was up near the 30-32 mark and at least 4XL.

Comparison picture:


Food wise: 

Brunch was bacon and eggs - yum!
Lunch was Turkish Vege Salad platter at the mall - some parts couldn't eat as not lap band friendly and not paleo but what I could eat was good..

Had a fabulous shopping trip with Kate at the mall.  Clothes, shoes, nail polish, cosmetics, stationary amongst other things were bought - love to shop!

Avoided chocolate temptation at Butlers cafe where they always give you a free chocolate with a hot drink purchase - I kept for hubby when I got home :)  I get coffee - he got chocolate - win win!

Dinner was at the Working Mens Club where I had an appetiser seafood basket - yum!  And water of course!

No actual excercise today - just walking around the mall for 4 hours :)

Oh and what is about 101 pounds?

About 400 bananas

This pile of human fat

This fish

This pile of meat fat

This great dane

And this pile of books!


  1. Woohoo! You look so great! 100 pounds! And 1 year post op! Keep up the good work!

  2. Holy cow! A hundred pounds! You look fantastic. I'm so proud, and inspired.
    Great food day as well. Way to go!
    Thanks for the pics. Sometimes we can lose sight of just how much 100 pounds really is, and what a difference it makes.

  3. Happy Bandiversary and over 100 lbs gone forever!!! You have done so well...such an amazing difference in the comparison shots!

  4. Wow, you look amazing! :) Great progress, Cassie!

  5. Great work, Cassie, and thanks for sharing your Whole30 experience here. Can't wait to hear how the program works for you - please make sure to keep me posted on our W30 FB page or via email!


  6. You're amazing :) I still keep coming across old photos that remind me how far you've come! I love the comparison photos too. Always harder to fit healthy habits in when you start school for the year - especially with deaning. Sounds like you're doing really well and all the crazy start-of-year work will plateau in a week or two I'm sure.