Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 7

Woo hoo!  After today, a week down!  I'm starting to feel really good!

Family BBQ day today - one thing on this challenge is that BBQ tends to mostly be all good!  How can you go wrong with grilled meat and vegetables?  Without bread and dressings - you can't!

Brothers dog Castro

Castro and Sam playing

Me and baby Isla

Bro in charge of the BBQ

Isla plays guitar


The Murrays - Shane, Isla, Otis and Bestie Fran!

Michievious Otis
So breakfast for me was just a banana.

Lunch:  BBQ goodness.  Grilled capsicum, courgettes, and mushrooms.  A lovely salad without dressing, a piece of BBQ steak, and a gourmet pork sausage - seemed alright from the listed ingrediants.

Snack:  Handful of raw nuts.

Dinner:  Leftover Paleo Shepherds Pie - nicer the second day!

Drink:  Water and "Joes" brand long black - very good!

Exercise - Nothing conventional - chasing the dog and a two year old around the yard and playing tickle monster with said two year old for a long time does constitute a bit of cardio though :)

Also went to movies - Saw the The Longest Hour

Not a bad movie - under two hours, a no brainer but pretty cool.  A big NSV for me - all I got for the movies was a bottle of water!  And it was fine - I didn't miss the icecream and coke zero I normally get.  I did also buy 5 muppets toys - I am a soft toy fiend though - and they are awesome!

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